Reflective Hi Vis Dog Coats

    Reflective Hi Vis Dog Coats

    Warm water-resistant Hi Vis dog coats with fleece linings made from high visibility fabric with fleece lining. Velcro-fastening fronts and easy clip-release side buckle.  With reflective belt webbing and reflective chest ribbon.  

    How to measure your dog

    When measuring your dog for a reflective dog coat be sure he/she is standing squarely in a natural position with the head up. Take a tape-measure and measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail (as depicted above). This value (in inches) is the size of dog coat you want. It is worth noting that our dog coats come in sizes of 12" to 30" in steps of 2" so if the size of your dog does not match exactly use your best judgement to select the next size up or down. Don't forget that the base of the tail should preferably be covered to stop rain dripping down the back of the dog's legs.

    The dogs waist measurement should be taken just further back then the centre of his/her back. Compare with the sizes below. If your measurement is out of range then we can re-size for you.

    Reflective Dog Coat Size

    Belly Strap Range

    12" reflective dog coat

    15" - 22"

    14" reflective dog coat

    16" - 24"

    16" reflective dog coat

    17" - 26"

    18" reflective dog coat

    19" - 29"

    20" reflective dog coat

    20.5" - 31"

    22" reflective dog coat

    23" - 38"

    24" reflective dog coat

    23" - 38"

    26" reflective dog coat

    23" - 38"

    28" reflective dog coat

    27" - 43"

    30" reflective dog coat

    29" - 46"







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