Paws Pocket Training Lotus Style Ball

    Paws Pocket Training Lotus Style Ball

    Pawspockets are a treat dispensing toy. Designed for a treat to be placed in the centre and used as a self rewarding treat/toy.
    Great as a training aid to help your dog have more drive and motivation or even to bring them down to earth and get that brain engaged. So firstly what is the difference between an ADVANCED and an EASY. It is quite simply the length of the 'petals' on the ADVANCED closes up tighter making it a bit more difficult for the dog to get the reward perfect for an experienced dog with these types of balls. The EASY doesn’t fully close there is still a gap in the top of the ball meaning the dog can smell the treat easier and open up the ball to get to the treat easier perfect for a first time user or a dog that isn’t as food motivated and needs more of a temptation. Also the Easy has a different Velcro which makes it easier for the dog to open.
    So how it works you ask?
    The paws pockets holds a treat inside the three 'petals' which are held together by Velcro. This then for a dog who isn’t the most toy orientated gives them something to aim at getting with the treat being easily accessible by the dog to reward themselves. Also for a dog that is sky high with excitement helping to reengage their brain and make them think to get the treat out. So for a dog lacking in motivation it is key that you get them focused on the equipment ahead of you or on the toy will have the food inside you are able to then throw this away from you where they can chase the ball and then reward themselves with the treat inside once they have caught up with the ball. As for my own personal experience I use this with my Collie as she gets the ball and has to think about getting the treat out rather than sending her excitement to another level where it is almost impossible to work with her.

    small is approx 8cm diameter

    Mini is approx 7Cm 
    please note these are approximates as this is a hand made toy and these measurements have been taken on an average




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